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TecooG - Technology for Generations

Who We Are

TecooG – Technology for Generations : TecooG ensures perfection at every stage of development process. From designing to product release, our company maintains the highest quality standards. For this, we are aided by a team of highly efficient developers who work in our office along with many remote developers from around the world who provide various services to our clients. Our best communication facilities allow us to keep in touch with our customers 24/7.

We started as a team of two with many new innovative ideas and our unwavering commitment to our clients. We developed small websites for our local clients and worked hard to keep up with their expectations. From our beginnings as two inexperienced developers we had the confidence to deliver our projects in a professional way. We gained experience and acquired knowledge throughout our journey and took care to handle each and every project with equal importance. We received guidance from professionals in various fields. Eventually, experienced developers joined the team which helped in the betterment of the quality of our projects.

The Initial Stage
Mantra Pvt Ltd was established in 2012 in New Zealand. Starting our voyage with website development, we gradually expanded our services to Custom application development, Mobile application development, Web Designing and application development, E-commerce solutions, Online Marketing and Customer Service. The day to day increase in the need for technological development encouraged us to come up with a new venture, Technology for Generations, TecooG Innovations Pvt Ltd in India.

How do we work?

We have highly efficient and multitasking developers and competent professionals in different technologies working in our corporate office who have ample experience in the field. We value our staff and allow them to have flexible working hours which help them to bring out the best in them. We also have an alternate work from home policy which enables our staff to be more dedicated in getting their work done.

The company facilitates strong communication within the team and the members get frequent updates about the working and progress of current projects. Frequent meetings are also held among the remote and non remote members. We always ensure best quality projects and we guarantee support and maintenance assistance even after the project delivery.

The unique ideas and confidence of our staff enable us to work together as a team. They have always served as a supporting pillar for the successful working of our company. We are always grateful to our staff as well as our clients for trusting us and lending us a hand in our journey ahead.

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